InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry serves university and college faculty all around the United States by encouraging and equipping Christian scholars to flourish and be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas and structures of higher education.

In Cincinnati we are a growing community that meets for prayer, Bible study, and encouragement in university and department groups – both at UC and NKU.

Faculty Virtual Gatherings

I invite you during this time to continue meeting online. If you would like the Zoom link to any of the gatherings please contact Jamie at jamie.noyd@intervarsity.org.

Weekly Gatherings (with Grad Group)
Prayer – Tuesday and Wednesday, 12-12:30pm
Lectio Divina – Thursday and Friday, 12-1pm

Monthly Gatherings

  • UC College of Business – June 11, 10am
  • UC Political Science – June 11, 1pm
  • UC College of Nursing – June 15, 12pm
  • NKU – June 16, 12pm
  • UC Women in the Academy – June 25, 9:00am